Friday , 7th August 2020

Corona virus death toll climbs to 3,383 across world

Kathmandu- The death toll from the coronavirus has climbed to 3,383 as the deadly virus has spread to 84 countries across the world.

According to CNN, nearly 97,852 people have been infected with the new virus.

As many as 3,042 people have died in China alone, the epicenter of the pandemic, while 80, 532 people have been infected with the virus.

A total of 341 people have died in 14 countries outside China. Six among the 341 had died in a cruise ship called Diamond Princess.

Italy tops the list with the highest number of deaths with 148 outside China by followed by Iran with 107 deaths.

A total of 3,089 people have been infected with the new virus in Italy and Iran has reported 3,513 coronavirus cases as of Thursday.

Similarly, 42 people have died in South Korea with 6,284 new cases. Twelve people have died and 225 have been infected in America.

Likewise, six people have died in Japan, four in France, two each in Hong Kong, Spain, Iraq and Australia and one each has died in Thailand, San Marino and Philippines so far.

As many as 14, 902 people have been infected with the virus outside China while 51, 454 have recovered after treatment.