Sunday , 24th January 2021

Corona virus death update: climbs to 3,494 as it spreads to 95 countries

Kathmandu – The death toll from the corona virus has climbed to 3,494 as the deadly virus has spread to 95 countries across the world.

According to CNN, over 100,000 people have been infected with the new virus.

More than 3,070 people have died in China alone, the epicenter of the pandemic, while over 102,048 people have been infected with the virus, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

A total of 441 people have died in 17 countries and over 19,300 have been infected outside China.

The deadly corona virus has spread to 95 countries across the world as of Friday. According to the latest report, one case has been confirmed in Afghanistan.

Similarly, 12 have been infected with the virus in Algeria, two in Argentina and one in Honduras.

One in Armenia, 41 in Austria, two died and 52 infected in Australia, 49 in Bahrain and six in Brussels, 109 in Belgium, one in Bhutan have been infected.

Likewise, one each case has been reported in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Eight in Brazil, five in Chile, one in Cambodia, 51 in Canada, six in Croatia, 12 in Czech Republic, three in Denmark, two in Dominique Republic, 12 in Ecuador, and 15 cases have been reported in Egypt.

Similarly, one coronavirus case has been found in Estonia, three in Finland, one in Georgia, nine have died and 423 infected in France.

Coronavirus cases have reached 534 in Germany, 31 in Greece, two have died and 103 infected in Hong Kong and one case has been infected in Hungary.