Thursday , 24th September 2020

Girls join hands against drug abuse

kathmandu–Girls of Shivapur of Shivaraj municipality-1 in Kapilvastu district have joined their hands against drug addiction.

Girls associated with Gautam Kishori Sambad, Saraswoti Kishori Sambad and Nabadurga Kishori Sambad located at Shivapur have launched campaign to control drug addiction in the village after people started creating disturbance in the local community quarrelling after taking drugs.

Chairperson of Saraswoti Kishori Sambad, Shanti GC, said that all should support their campaign against drug abuse as they have set a plan to develop Shivapur as a model settlement.

GC further said that they would also determine time for the sale and distribution of alcohols and its sale and distribution would be restricted in other hours. Similarly, illegal activities including child marriage, polygamy and child labour would be completely prohibited in the settlement.

Deputy-Mayor Shiva Kumari Tharu said that there would be full support of the municipality in girl’s campaign of making the settlement a model settlement.

Chairperson of ward no 1, Jagat GC, said that parents should pay special attention on their children as number of boys using drug is found increasing in recent period.