Thursday , 24th September 2020

How to make your wife happy

Always appreciate her

Give her a passionate kiss when she comes home. Welcome her with a broad smile. Try to connect with her always and appreciate her.

Cultivate the habit of saying ‘thank you’

Say ‘thank you’ even for little things that she does for you and your family.

Be honest

Do not lie with your wife. Be frank and tell her those real things.

Listen passionately

Cultivate the habit of nodding and smiling wherever she talks to you.

Give her a hug

Give her a longing hug. Every day body contact means a lot.  When you or your wife comes home exhausted, give her a long loving embrace. Tell her how much you missed her.

Ask her how you can help

Help her in the kitchen chores, or with the cleaning. Be her supportive shoulder.

Taking care of your appearance

Appear clean and tidy. Let her say: “Wow, you look nice today”. Pay your wife the same courtesy you do to your friends.

Foster relationships outside your marriage.

Make your marriage a primary relationship. Be compassionate and kind. Take her outside during weekends. Try to be romantic.

Watch your words

Make sure you mind your words while praising others before your wife. Do not always bring problems before her. Think about what you really mean to say before speaking.

Relish the silence.

Sometimes silence can be the best way to make your wife happy.

Forgive and forget

Try to forgive and forget more. Sometimes, you need to cultivate the habit of saying: “Let it be.”

Be aware of ebb-and-flow.

Relationships can have hardships, and ups and downs. Remember that in a marriage, one has to spend time in an emotional middle ground. It’s not chirping of songbirds.

Be intimate inside and outside the bedroom

Intimacy involves conversation, cuddling, chatting, and cracking jokes. Cultivate such habits. It’s not just sex and passion or doing it in the kitchen.

Unexpected gift

To make your wife happy, do not forget to bring surprise gifts. Small gifts will work.