Tuesday , 25th February 2020

Indian tourists desire to make Nepali film

Kathmandu-  Indian tourist Vanamala Shah, who came to Nepal for the first time with a family, spent four days in Kathmandu.

After visiting some destinations including Pashupatinath, Chandragiri Hills, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, she was fascinated by the beauty of Nepal.

Shah, who had come to visit Pashupatinath, a famous pilgrimage destination from India, was to come to Nepal. She is happy and happy to be able to fulfill that passion at the age of 55 .

“Nepal, which is home to the Himalayans, Pashupatinath and Buddha’s residence, is truly amazing,” Shah said during his meeting with Nepal News, ‘In the beginning, my only wish was to visit Nepal and visit Pashupatinath. However, when I came to Kathmandu and reached the courtyard of the beast, I felt supernatural power. The body received new energy, which I am very impressed with Pashupatinath.’

Shah’s heart has changed after Pashupati’s visit and philosophy. She wants to do something for the Pashupati area, not just for walking. As an Indian, she has come up with a plan to make a Nepali feature film about Pashupatinath.

‘I did not come to this holy place; now I want to do something. In my experience, I dreamed of making a feature film about Pashupatinath based on my career experience. For this, my mind and brain have already started working from this holy land. ‘

“How do we believe that you really make a movie?” She said firmly in question, “It is a lot of fun to do what God has told you to do with your inner heart.” When I came to visit Pashupatinath, my heart told me this. So I quit doing it. ‘

Shah, who has long experience of Marathi theater, is closely associated with art and Acting. Shah, who has 40 years of experience, has been working as an Indian Television-serial producer for some years.

Shah, who has worked in more than a dozen more dramas and TV serials in Marathi films ‘Trauma’ and ‘aai Tulja Bhavani’, is planning to make a Nepali film based on that same 40-year experience.

“Is this just a fantasy, is there a profound difference between imagination and work?” On another question, Shah recalled the silence for a moment and said, “I agree with your question, because imagination is a big deal. In my brain, this idea is only seeds. It takes time to grow. But, this is not only a imaginary but also my own offspring.

Shah, who carries some spiritual ideology, claims to have made a feature film on Pashupati’s relationship, leaving it with Nepali language and Nepali artist.

“returning from Nepal and Pashupati region to my place and doing something is difference.  but with the new generation of this area and  young generation, I think it’s important to makes sense to explain the context of Pashupatinath and its power. It is also expected that all Nepalese filmmakers will come along for this, ”she said.

She says that she has already started meeting with Nepali artist and people from this area for the film. In an interview with NepaliNews, Shah said that she had met some filmmakers including Nepali producer Santosh Sen.

Shah wants to focuses youth, on feature film production, considering the financial benefits of creative work and the calculation of loss.

Shah, who is already preparing for the script for the film, is running a dream of giving a great film in the fusion of Nepali and Indian artist with a shooting set in Nepal.

Shah, who shows flaws in the directorial direction in the Nepalese film field, aims to do exemplary work for the entire Nepalese film industry and viewers and to feel the power of the holy Pashupatinath.

She claimed that the entire Nepalese film industry and tourism industry will definitely help if her goal is to become a reality.

By Manoj Neupane