Monday , 19th October 2020

Police tracking bus & Driver that killed doctor in Baneshwor Road

Kathmandu- Police are yet to find out the vehicle that hit a doctor at New Baneshwor on early Sunday morning killing him on the spot.

DSP Durga Regmi at Metropolitan Police Circle, New Baneshwor said that they are searching for the vehicle looking after the CCTV footage of the area.

He said that it can be seen in the footage the doctor was hit by a bus, but the bus number has not been ascertained.

Dr. Prabhu Joshi, 72, of Nishan Hospital had died in the road accident

Joshi was apparently hit by a vehicle while he was out for a morning walk at New Baneshwar. The body was lying on the road with its head badly damaged.

Joshi, who hails from New Baneshwar, was currently working as a doctor at the ICU Department of Ishan Children and Women’s Hospital.