Tuesday , 30th November 2021

    Russian team coming to Nepal with sample of vaccine against Corona

    Kathmandu- A Russian diplomatic team is coming to Nepal with a sample of vaccine against corona developed by Russia. Health Minister Bhanubhakta Dhakal’s expert advisor Dr Khem Karki informed that a Russian diplomatic team would visit Nepal next week. He said the team would also bring a vaccine sample against Corona.

    Minister for Health and Population Bhanubhakta Dhakal has been met by the staff of the Russian Embassy in Nepal focusing on the Russian delegation’s visit to Nepal.

    Asked about the visit of the Russian delegation to Nepal and the meeting of the embassy staff with the Minister, Dr. Karki said that the meeting was not special.

    an expert adviser of the minister, Dr Karki Siad- “It’s not a big deal. Russia has developed a vaccine that should be stored at minus 18 degrees Celsius and another at 2 to 8 degrees Celsius ‘

    According to Dr. Karki, the vaccine developed by Russia is not being used in Nepal. ‘Before using any vaccine, you have to register with the Nepal Department of Medicine. There are a lot of other processes, ‘he said,’ that aren’t going to be used right now. ‘

    He said that a Russian team is coming to Nepal to ‘respond’ to the diplomatic relations with Nepal, urging the countries with diplomatic relations to cooperate in the covid vaccine.

    Russia is developing the Sputnik-V vaccine. Its effectiveness rate has been claimed to be more than 90 percent. But it has not been approved yet.