Thursday , 2nd December 2021

    Swetha Khadka getting marry with Vijayendra Singh Rawat

    Kathmandu- Actress Swetha Khadka’s marriage has been confirmed. She will wed her sweetheart Vijayendra Singh Rawat on December 8 here.

    Swetha and Vijayendra have been infatuated for quite a while. Conversations about their marriage had been continuing for quite a while. Be that as it may, he didn’t formally recognize this.

    At last, after the wedding card of actress Sweta came out, it has been Confirmed that they will get hitched. Sweta herself has just Confirmed that the marriage is going to happen. As indicated by the public wedding card, Sweta’s wedding will occur at Gokarna Forest Resort. Just close relatives of the two families will be available at the wedding.

    Actress Khadka was hitched to Actor Shrikrishna Shrestha on 23 Ashad, 2071 BS. In any case, one month after the marriage, Shrikrishna Shrestha died on 15 July.

    Swetha, who got antagonized for quite a while after Krishna’s demise, is presently dynamic in business alongside the entertainment world.