Friday , 3rd December 2021

    Will get married within 2 years – Actress Barsha Siwakoti

    Kathmandu- Actress Barsha Siwakoti has been in love with Sabin Jung Thapa for the past one year. Sabin and barsha, who have been living in the United States, got to know each other through their relatives. After that, they started talking.

    But Barsha and Sabin have not proposed yet. She Sahid, ‘During the conversation, we became close to each other and I started to feel love with him. ‘

    After spending a month in the United States, Sabin and Barsha introduced each other’s relatives.

    regarding this issues, Barsha shared- “We are not thinking of getting married immediately. But, we will get married within 2 years.’

    However, she has responded that she will not leave the film industry after marriage.